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The Future of Business Strategy: An Interview with Bethany of Londyn Heights

Clyve: Welcome, Bethany! Thank you for joining us today. You're the owner of Londyn Heights, a consulting firm that specializes in intuitive and psychic business consulting. That's quite unique! Can you tell us a bit about what that entails?

Bethany: Thank you for having me, Clyve. At Londyn Heights, we offer a blend of traditional business strategy and intuitive insights. We believe that CEOs and business owners often have a wealth of data and analytics at their fingertips, but what's missing is the intuitive guidance that aligns with their unique energy and vision. We fill that gap.

Clyve: Fascinating. How did you come up with this concept?

Bethany: I've always been intuitive, and I also have a background in business strategy. I noticed that many business leaders were making decisions based on data but were still missing the mark. A Shaman had told me in 2013 that companies should be hiring me for board of advisors because of the opportunities I will bring them. It took me 7 years to realize this actually could be a thing, and as an intuitive healer for a decade now, I have realized how I can support. Even a recent study by Deloitte found that 75% of CEOs believe that intuition is a key factor in their success. So, I thought, why not combine the two? Why not offer a service that integrates intuitive insights into traditional business strategy?

Clyve: That's a compelling point. What kinds of problems do you typically solve for your clients?

Bethany: We tackle a range of issues, from navigating strategy, systems, and processes, to launching new products. But the common thread is always about aligning decisions with the company's core values and long-term vision. We offer energy readings, intuitive business analyses, and strategic planning sessions to help CEOs and business owners make decisions that resonate with them on a deeper level.

Clyve: Can you share a success story with us?

Bethany: Of course. We recently worked with a startup that was struggling to get their feet off the ground. Despite their best efforts, they just couldn't gain traction. Intuitively, I sensed that a completely different pathway was open and available to them. The CEO was initially resistant to exploring this new direction; it's always challenging when you've doubled down in one route. However, after some sessions and strategic planning that integrated these intuitive insights, they decided to pivot. Within a year, they've amassed a plethora of clients and are now looking towards eventually ringing that bell at the NYSE.

Clyve: That's impressive! So, for our readers who are interested, what's the best way to get started with intuitive consulting?

Bethany: The best way to start is with a single session to address a specific issue. From there, you can scale to a full consulting package for ongoing support. We offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Clyve: Before we wrap up, what's one piece of advice you'd give to CEOs and business owners?

Bethany: Trust your intuition. It's a powerful tool that, when combined with data and analytics, can lead to transformative business decisions.

Clyve: Thank you, Bethany, for sharing your insights with us today. It's been enlightening!

Bethany: The pleasure was mine, Clyve. Thank you for having me.

//BIO BETHANY LONDYN has been internationally recognized for her intuitive master transformational services and courses for CEO's & their companies, as well as writing for many media outlets such as ThriveGlobal, YogaJournal, & MindBodyGreen. She holds a container for infinite possibility supporting clients staying calm, creative, and high-performing even when growth has plateaued and high-stake decisions feel overwhelming. Supporting CEOs in harnessing their intuition, igniting innovation, profitability, & fulfillment is her mission.

Bethany Londyn has been quoted as the Billionaire Catalyst Coach because of her intuitive insight, clarity for inspired action, and opportunity creating ways. Claim to fames include doubling revenues for companies within two months, companies that have been established for years.

Her most recent best selling book, Get Aligned Now, guides people to learn how to listen to the wisdom within so they can be their most high performing selves aligning with actual results like never before. Now also available, a Guided Journal on Morning Manifesting & Evening Expansions and you can also tune in to her Quantum Leap Your Business & Life Podcast where she interviews business leaders on their quantum leaps.

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