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DoorDash Corporate Intuitive Energy Analysis with Bethany & Heather

We received the “nudge” from Spirit to look at the energy of Door Dash (the last 3 weeks we’ve channeled/looked at the energy of Disney, Dyson, and now Door Dash – 3xD’s )- check out the video to hear the insights each of us channeled.

Both of us are clairvoyant (we receive pictures in the form of images in our mind), claircognizant (clear “knowing” which can also be thought of as a “download” of truth), and channel cosmic beings that partner with us in supporting corporations and businesses in improving the overall health of the business resulting in increased revenue and profit, retention of associates, and sustainable expansion and growth.

Over the last 2 years Heather has been receiving channeled guidance that the old world structures and processes that are self serving will be dismantling (banking/finance, education, western medicine, and political structures) and we are witnessing this happen now in real time.

Both Heather and Bethany have been called to support corporations and businesses that are critical to the new world structures (service to others/the global collective) by working with these businesses energetically (identifying and healing any blocks/gaps getting in the way of sustainable growth) as well as from a 3rd dimensional process improvement perspective (creating processes to streamline and accelerate growth, improve the overall health of the business, and increase retention of associates).

Systems, structures, corporations and businesses that are self serving and operating from the place of greed are no longer able to function properly with the continued elevation of planet earth as we move into the new world.

We also support mission focused and soul-led entrepreneurial and small businesses and have a special offer for a quick intuitive; receive an energy/health reading of your company of only $500.

This is a HUGE opportunity to learn where your business is energetically, and if you wish to work with us further after receiving the energy reading we will book a discovery call and discuss next steps in bringing your business back into alignment with your mission and purpose for increased growth, expansion, and profit.


Reach out if you are interested or know someone at DoorDash to send this too..please!

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